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Greetings mates! Looking for a tool that will allow You to customize Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu , Linux Mint or  other Ubuntu based ISO images? Well, you've found it! Customizer is the right choise - it allows you to customize them the way you want to within the matter of few minutes (on a modern PC) running Terminal, Synaptic, Desktop session (in chroot environment) and even more so you can modify the images to fit your needs.

What is the benefit of all this? Well, assuming you are fammiliar with Ubuntu (or other relative) and you want to make an installable CD/DVD which will contain all the software (browser, file-manager, media-player, codecs etc.) that you need to do your daily tasks and not installing from the regular ISO images and then installing, configuring etc. . You can also share Your work with friends so you can show them the power of TOTTALY FREE (open-source) software and maybe they will join to this large sommunity. Even better, if you travel to somewhere and your personal laptop is broken but you can borrow one from your friend or yor company (if you work in one) you can created Live CD/DVD with all the software you need and when you return home your friend will not trow things at you because you've deleted his pr0n!

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